My heart is wishing you back for even just one day

I want to feel your presence and listen to what you have to say

Adult me wants to hear your story

Of life and love and all it’s glory

Adult me wants to hear your pain

What did it teach you

What did you gain

Adult me wants to know what you see

When you’re where you are now looking down on me

I was the apple of your eye

You were mine too

Suddenly you left me

My heart broke in two

Shattered little pieces of love

My hero was gone

To somewhere above

Life moves along 

Time passes so fast

I worry I’ll forget you

That our bond couldnt last

Your life ended as my teenage years began

I blocked it out buried the grief 

Said to myself

just do the best you can

So here I am 3 kids of my own

I pray you can see them

See how we’ve grown

My heart is no longer broken it healed along the way

your soul I feel is here

With me it will forever stay