For years I couldn’t talk about it

About what happened to me

It felt so painful & shameful 

I was so confused you see

But the silence was deafening 

As it roared inside my head

My stomach in knots 

I knew it had to be said

I’d form the words

But couldn’t speak

So back into myself 

Further I’d retreat

Some thing so awful

I couldn’t comprehend 

Shut away in the darkness

Days in bed I would spend 

In physical pain

I’d cry for release

Praying someone could help me

End this silence please 

I thought I needed help from an outside source

Spending time and money on course after course

the work was so hard to do

I dug in deep I faced the truth 

A little voice inside said 

Let go girl, Iv got you

Don’t be ashamed and do not fear

To say the words out loud

Be brave be bold and tell the truth

Even though it’s hard to hear 

10years old just a child

Groomed and led astray

Devastating consequences 

Still with me to this day

No more silence 

No more shame

My little soul was never to blame 

I have the strength to heal

To soothe away my pain 🙏🏼