An extremely deep point of despair.

The realisation, the ego has been in control.

Demoralisation, as you have no purpose in your sou.l

Shadows. Darkness. Alone. Afraid.

You are not your thoughts, let the ego fade.

When the death of the ego is near, thoughts and old beliefs fill you with fear.

White jolts of energy within the skeletal void, lighting darkness like electrical volts.

No direction, nowhere to go

Mindless journey, more ebb than flow.

Lean into the fear, turn inwards

Question the shadows alone and afraid...

The 'dark night of the soul'

I've heard others say

like its there one night 

then just goes away...

Don't be fooled by the one time show

Lows and highs will come and go

Inquisitiveness keeps you alive

Only the the ego dies

Your soul will survive.

Connect with your soul and the people you hold dear

Disconnect from your ego and the thoughts you fear

You are not lost

You are embarking on a new journey

Your soul knows the way...

Ready to guide you, its been waiting for this day.