What is gender

What does it mean

Is it what defines us

Is it really how we are seen

What is a female

What is a male

What are the roles 

put upon the gender scale

How feminine are you

but masculine too

Can I only be one

Am I not free to choose

What are the roles we give ourselves

What are we trying to prove

Simply because I’m a woman

Doesn’t mean I fit in the female groove

And just because you’re born male 

What exactly does that mean

Is it some sort of sliding scale

‘men are not meant to clean’

Dad stays home to look after kids

We say ‘dads babysitting’ 

He really is a great man

‘Worlds greatest dad’ a title so befitting 

Women should be maternal

With a purposeful intent

Birth, bathe, cook, clean

Is it really how our time should be spent

Stereotyping by gender

It’s 2022

Male, female, non binary

We are all just human too