What does life teach us as we grow older

To be happy, content, fearless and bolder

What is happy?

What is content? 

How and where are they found

Are they gifts that are heaven sent?

How do get fearless?

How to be bold?

The answer to these we are rarely told 

So I surrender and say

I don’t know 

I suppose, you see, they are not to be found

They already exist in you

In your soul they are bound

So stop the search

Call off the fight

Sit with yourself

Hold on really tight

Wrap your arms around yourself

Embrace like you would a child

Just sit and let the silent mind awaken

Your inner being

It’s then you realise all the beauty

Finally you are seeing 

It does not need to be searched for

Nor does it need to be a fight

You are you, filled with wonder, joy and beauty

It’s not on the outside

It does not need to be found

It’s right their within your soul

Beautifully put together and tightly bound 🙏🏼