18 Oct

If I’d known about adhd and autism presentation in girls when I was younger I’d have done what I’m doing now, learning to adapt, put in strategies, ask for help…instead, now I’m older I’m facing obstacles that I would not have, had I been younger, such as the energy I have now it’s lower, I’m perimenopausal so that brings a whole other dimension to how this experience is as an older female/mother/wife/daughter/sister/friend/decent member of society, in comparison to my younger self. I’d already have routine/habits in place, instead of teaching myself in my late 40’s…I’d understand how important self care was and factor it into each day…I’d know what boundaries were and have them more firmly set and unshakable, instead of fighting this battle with not only myself but a household of loved ones who also have to learn boundaries I’m now setting. I’d trust myself and see how special and talented I was, instead of doubting my abilities and feeling imposter syndrome in everything I do. I’d…

I could go on and on and on about all the things that could have been different. I feel somewhat sad that it was not my experience, yet as I do with most things, I try to see the other side, and that leads me to thinking about what could be the positive flip of this…I am here, I know now, and I’m committed to myself.

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