09 Jun

Mum guilt is REAL

The smallest things can be worked up into something bigger inside your head

Instead of berating myself I choose to show compassion instead

This is what happened in my house this morning…

It’s something so tiny

It doesn’t matter at all

But the mum guilt is real

When you feel you’ve dropped the ball

‘It’s fitness fortnight mum, so il take a healthy snack’

But the fruit bowl says no

I feel under attack

We have no apples

The grapes are done too

The single remaining orange has gone old, it won’t do

We pick a banana 

But it’s soft and bruised

Panic sets in

I feel sad and confused

It’s not a big deal 

I tell myself

As I go to the sweet cupboard 

to check the shelf

So rather than healthy 

They got a twix snack instead

As I drop them at school

Mum guilt fills my head

In the past I would definitely spiral

Over something so obviously small

This morning I quietly reminded myself 

‘It’s ok not to manage it all’

It’s only one day

It’s only a snack

Put the kettle on, have a cuppa

And pat yourself on the back

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