28 Jun

One of my greatest fears is being the first driver waiting at lights to follow the traffic cones.

Yesterday it happened.

Usually I race through just missing the red light, to ensure I'm not the first in line.

The gap was to far gone yesterday, I couldn't skip red, so I stopped...first to go on the green light, I'm not even really worried about it as the works have been there a few days, so I'm good. Until green light comes, ffs, following the cones I go over onto other side, as I should...then swerve back through the cones, onto the original side that is being worked on, like a footballer dribbles a ball!! Realising quickly what I've done, I scoot back over where I'm supposed to be, mortified but laughing way to hard for my bladder control.

Checking my mirror, the car behind me has only gone and followed me, but had to stop there, as they clearly had no idea what was going on. I had the reddest face ever, but i laughed with the kids all the way home.

If you happen to come across this story, and you were the driver of the car behind me, sorry...I hope you also had a laugh!

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