16 Jan

Rejection sensitivity dysphoria Iv mentioned previously but honestly I could write about it daily. It’s very much misunderstood, by those of us who have it, those who play significant roles in our lives and also by those who diagnose medical conditions. There are no accommodations for it, as it can be a perceived rejection, meaning it’s not that you are being rejected/critiqued but that you feel that you are.

Family members can accomodate, but this tends to mean they are walking on eggshells, unsure what they might say or do ‘wrong’…we can see how unhealthy this is for everyone involved.

Getting a diagnosis and learning about adhd, knowledge to gain insight into how your brain works, what are repetitive triggers? It allows understanding of yourself, from yourself, and ways to communicate to loved ones in a way that is focused on love and support, rather than from a place of fear, shame, guilt and blame.

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